Broken Bridges - Broken Dreams

How do we inspire others to reach their dreams? How do we convince others that tomorrow can be better than today and they can make it happen. There are keys to being a pitcher of hope.


Two Buckets: Keys to Effectiveness

Life is seldom black and white; but looking at problems, situations, and interactions through the paradigm of two buckets can be helpful.



Human beings can't live without hope. Hopeful thoughts and behaviors can propel youth and adults to success and well-being in all aspects of life. Explore the impact of hope and ways to develop it in our own lives and those of others.



Fingerprints and DNA

You never touch someone so lightly that you do not leave an impression.  Three guiding principles can direct your interaction with others to assure the imprint is beneficial and lasting.




Connection: It Really Stinks To Be You

Life is hard. Stuff happens.  It really does stink to be you.  From time to time, we all feel that way - either about our own lives or others. Learn the key to making this truth work for you as you impact the lives of others. Whether in a professional or informal capacity, the fact that life stinks sometimes can work to your advantage.



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